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General Product

General Products

We are involved in the manufacturing and supplying of a wide range of chemicals that can be used across various market sectors. These market sectors include agriculture, construction, food processing, pharmaceutical and personal care, plastics, pulp and paper and water treatment industries. These chemicals are available in different grades and compositions as per the requirements of different industries.

Bromelain - Pineapple Enzyme

Name Bromelain Ask for Price
Deleted CAS 9015-70-7, 37187-68-1
EINECS 232-572-4
Solubility Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, ethyl ether and chloroform
Appearance yellow to beige crystalline powder
Hazard Symbols:
Synonyms Ananase;Bromelase;Bromelin;Debridase;E.C.;E.C.;Extranase;Fruit bromelain;Inflamen;Juice bromelain;Pinase;Pineappleenzyme;Traumanase
Risk Codes
Safety 22-24-26-36/37
Available Forms Powder

Garcinia Cambogia Extract (Hydroxycitric Acid)

Type Herbal Extract Ask for Price
Variety Natural Plant Powder
Form Powder
Extraction Type Solvent Extraction
Packaging Drum
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
USP standard
Brand Name: Y&L
Model Number 10:1
Brown Powder
Packaging Detail 25kg/fiber drum
Delivery Detail 2 days
  1. 25kg/fiber drum
  2. GMO FREE&Low Pesticid
  3. Free Sample supply
  4. Small order accept
  5. Garcinia Cambogia 50%-60%

Garcinia Cambogia Extract Powder

CAS No 74811-65-7 Ask for Price
Specification Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) 50%, 60%
Type Other
Grade Standard Garcinia cambogia
Used Part Fruit

Croscarmellose Sodium USP

CAS No 74811-65-7 Ask for Price
Place of Origin India
Type Other
Grade Standard Cosmetic Grade,Medicine Grade
Packaging Detail 25 Kgs Paper Bags/Fibre Drums or can be customize as requested
Delivery Detail As per Schedule
Specifications Crosscarmellose Sodium

Micro Crystalline Cellulose Powder

Name Cellulose microcrystalline Ask for Price
CAS Number 9004-34-6
Formula C6H10O5)n
Deleted CAS 12656-52-9,152231-69-1,209533-95-9,39394-43-9,51395-76-7,58968-67-5,61991-21-7,61991-22-8,
Synonyms Accuwipe; Ahlstrom 939; Alicell LV; Alistaple 1168; Alpha Cel BH 100; Alpha Cel BH 200; Alpha Cel BH 300; Alpha Cel C 10;
Alpha CelC 40; Alpha Cel PB 25; Alpha-Cel BH 600/20; Alphafloc; Alwall Plus 15; Amicon S10Y1; Arbocel; Arbocel A 300; Arbocel B 00;
Arbocel B 600; Arbocel B 600/30; Arbocel B 800; Arbocel B 820C; Arbocel BC 1000; Arbocel BC 200; Arbocel BE30/600; Arbocel BE 600;
Arbocel BE 600-10TG; Arbocel BE 600/10; Arbocel BE600/20; Arbocel BE 600/30; Arbocel BEM; Arbocel BFC 200; Arbocel BWW 40;
Arbocel C 100; Arbocel C 750; Arbocel DC 1000; Arbocel FD 00; Arbocel FD600/30; Arbocel FDC 200; CRV (polysaccharide); Celish;
Celish 100F; Celish 100G; Celish 100L; Celish FD100E; Celish FD 100G; Celish FD 200L; Celish KY 100G; CelishKY 100L; Celish KY 100S;
Celish PC 110S; Cellex MX; Cellflow C 25; Cellspon; Celluflow; Celluflow C 15; Cellulobeads D 10; Arbocel FDY 600; Arbocel FIC 200;
Arbocel FT 40; Arbocel FT 600; Arbocel FT 600/30H; Arbocel G 350; Arbocel LZ 51; Arbocel M 80; Arbocel M 80P; Arbocel P 290;
Arbocel TF 0406; Arbocel TF 30HG; Arbocel TP 40; Ariacel A 150; Armorib LS; Avicel; Avicel 101; Avicel 101 MCC; Avicel 102; Avicel 112;
Avicel 2330; Avicel 2331; Avicel 955; Avicel E 200; Avicel F 05; Avicel F 20; Avicel FD 100; Avicel FD 101; Avicel FD-F 20;
Avicel HP 101; Avicel LM 310; Avicel M 06; Avicel M 15; Avicel M 25; Avicel NT 020; Avicel NT050; Avicel PC 611; Avicel PH; Avicel PH 101;
Avicel PH 102; Avicel PH 103; Avicel PH 105; Avicel PH 112; Avicel PH 113; Avicel PH 200; Avicel PH 301; Avicel PH 302; Avicel PH-F 10;
Avicel PH-F 20; Avicel PH-M 06; Avicel PH-M 15; Avicel PH-M 25; Avicel R; Avicel RCS 91; Avicel SF; Avicel SP; Avicel TG 101;
Avicel TG 101L; Avicel TG-D; Avicel TG-F 05; Avicel TG-F 20; BE 600-10TG; BH40; BH 600/20 a-Cel; Bacell 569; Bellfine D 10;
Blanose 7M8SF; Borregaard 1200; C 30FM; C 8002; CA107; CF 1 (polysaccharide); CF 11; Microcrystalline Cellulose;
Appearance White crystal powder

Sodium Starch Glycollate

Classification Chemical Auxiliary Agent Ask for Price
CAS No 9063-38-1
Type chemical agent
Usage Paper Chemicals,medicinal accessory
Brand Name showland
color white
Packaging Detail
Package: Packed in a carton lined with polyethylene film bag Net weight 15kg/carton Packed in a paper barrel lined with polyethylene film bag Net weight 20kg/barrel
Delivery Detail In 10 Days When Order Confirm

Iron(iii) hydroxide polymaltose

Name Ferric Hydroxide Polymaltose Ask for Price
Our range comprises iron hydroxide polymaltose complex, which is used for delivering iron in ferric form in the human body. The product offered by us contains 30%, 33% and 40% iron, with the latter (having elemental iron) being suitable for tablets and former two for syrups. In this pharmaceutical chemical, polymaltose is complex with ferric to render optimum absorption; the resultant product is a soluble spray-dried powder that is red in color.
CAS No 8050-81-5
Type Other
Specifications Simethicone is an oral anti-foaming agent used to reduce bloating, discomfort and pain caused by excess gas in the stomach or intestinal tract. It is a mixture of polydimethylsiloxane and hydrated silica gel.
Synonyms aaa
Risk Codes
Safety aaa
Available Forms aaa

Magnesium Lactate

Magnesium lactate, the magnesium salt of lactic acid, is a mineral supplement. Added to some food and beverages as an acidity regulator and labeled as E329.
Molar mass 202.45 g/mol
Formula: Formula:
ChemSpider ID 4477551
PubChem CID 6536825

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